Insurgency Servers

Insurgency Server

Starting At

$ 0.65/slot

E5 2670
Free-to-upgrade RAM*
Free-to-upgrade Storage*
Free Web Basic
Quality Support


*Free Upgrades are only available if you hit the limit & Storage is only free up to 70GB.

Winstri Hosting Game Panel

Built with Pterodactyl, the Winstri Hosting game panel has taken an open source project to a whole new level. Enjoy ground breaking custom features all made with the end-user in mind.

Full of Features

Here are some features that you will get to enjoy

99% Uptime

We strive to offer the quality we ourselves would use, so by choosing us that means you choose 99% Uptime.

(D)DoS Protected

Interruptions to your gaming is just no good, We secure all our Servers with up to 10Gb/s Protection to keep you playing.

Easy to use Panel

Built with Pterodactyl our easy to use panel has made great strides to become a panel built for advanced and new users.

Free Web Basic

All of our services come with free webhosting whether you're looking to host a website or create a database you can do it with ease.

Expert Support

Our Support Team is trained to provide the highest quality support to give you the confidence that your server is in the hands of the best support agents.

Cancel Anytime

If your not satisfied with our services, you can cancel anytime and receive your money back within 72 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Sourcemod with my server?
Yes, and we also include a quick way to install Sourcemod and Metamod via our Mod Manager.
Can I make my server private?
Yes, You can set a password via the server.cfg or use the whitelist system in Sourcemod.
Can I upgrade my servers slots once I buy it?
Yes, Contact support and they will guide you through the slot upgrade process.
Will your support team help me install content?
Unfortunately our Support Team has a lot of clients to deal with and doesn't have much time to help Install, Edit or Create content. The best thing to do would be to referance the install instructions for that content.