Current Locations


Dallas, TX

Carrier-1 Datacenter

Dallas, TX currently serves as our main hosting location and for good reason too. With premium network infrastructure, great ping times from all across the US and as it is overall one of the best places to host it became our #1 choice for hosting back in 2017.

In Dallas, We utilize the Psychz Suite in the Carrier-1 datacenter that has a network capacity of over 60Gb/s and premium networking provided by Telia and GTT.

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London, UK

DDCL Datacenter

London, UK is currently our secondary hosting location and but is and always be our main European location as it has a great network infrastructure that connects to countries all across Europe.

In London, We use Docklands Data Centre Limited's Datacenter that has a network capacity 100Gb/s capacity that has a network infrastructure that connects through BT and Telia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have a lot of locations?
We are currently trying to expand to everywhere we possibly can but our main focus currently is to better upgrade our current locations before making big expansions.
When do you plan on adding new locations?
As of December of 2018, our next planned location is New York City and we plan to have that up before the end of 2019. We do currently have a small location there but it is only for TeamSpeaks currently.
Do you take location requests?
Yes, If you have a location in mind feel free to contact us and we will put it in under consideration.