Winstri Hosting Game Panel

Built with Pterodactyl, the Winstri Hosting game panel has taken an open source project to a whole new level. Enjoy groundbreaking custom features all made with the end-user in mind.

Full of Features

Here are some features that you will get to enjoy

Live Console and Stats

Configuration File Editor

Mod Manager

SFTP Support

Task Manager

Commandline Manager

API Access

Two-Factor Authentication

Subuser Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Game Panel easy to use?
Yes, We worked hard to make this panel as user-friendly as possible so that new server owners can learn and navigate without issues.
Can I request mods to be added to the Mod Manager?
Yes, Open a ticket with the Mod Name, Download Link and which game it is for.
Does this panel have a File Manager?
Yes, It works well for quick file edits and file uploads but we recommend using an FTP Client such as WinSCP to manage all your files.
Will support help me figure out how to use the Panel?
Yes, Open a ticket with a time that you are available and one of our support staff will be able to walk you through basic usage over TeamSpeak or Discord.