Our Story

Emperor Hosting was first started in 2015 by David and Nathan with the purpose of hosting Garry's Mod and Minecraft servers for our friends. We ran the company privately for almost 2 years hosting for friends and a few communities on the side. In those 2 years, we learned a lot about the market we were trying to reach and in March of 2017 decided to go public as Emperor Hosting LLC. During our year of going public, we had some legal issues with our name and decided in August 2017 to do a full rebrand and name our company Winstri Hosting (Trading as Winstri Hosting, Inc) which is named after another company started by David and Nathan called Winstri Corp. Today we have accumulated 500+ clients along with deploying over 700 servers since March of 2017 and continue to provide to 180+ active clients and will continue to provide services for as long as we are needed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make hosting accessible for everybody. We believe that your budget or lack of knowledge shouldn't limit your opportunities. That's why we price at a rate that almost anyone can afford. This gives people the chance to start growing their community as quickly as possible. We also make our game panel extremely user-friendly so that even new users can start the learning process with ease.

Make Hosting Accessible to Everyone

Provide the Best Customer Support in the Business

Protect our Clients with Premium (D)DoS Protection

Provide Easy-to-use Services for New Users

What we offer


Winstri Hosting provides the following high-quality services

Dedicated Servers

Baremetal Servers starting at 70$/m


Domains starting at 2.95$/y

Game Servers

Game Servers starting at 5$/m

TeamSpeak Servers

TeamSpeak Servers starting at 18 cents/slot

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers starting at 7.99$/m

Web Hosting

Webhosting starting at 2.95$/m

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Winstri Hosting founded?
We started as a side-project in 2015 and registered our business as Emperor Hosting, LLC in 2017 then became Winstri Hosting, Inc in September 2018.
Do you offer sponsorships?
Yes, and you can apply for a sponsorship here: https://www.winstri.com/sponsorships/apply
Are you hiring?
No, We are not currently hiring paid staff members.
Where can I get support?
We offer Phone, Live Chat, E-Mail, Ticket, TeamSpeak and Discord Support.

Note: Our Support Team does not join TeamSpeaks or Discords that are not officially owned by Winstri Hosting Staff. If you need to talk to a support agent use, one of the official links above.
Will your support team help me install content?
Unfortunately, our Support Team has a lot of clients to deal with and doesn't have much time to help Install, Edit or Create content. The best thing to do would be to reference the install instructions for that content.


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