Service Level Agreement

I. Statement
Winstri Hosting, Inc (“Us”, We”, “Our”, “Winstri Hosting”) aims to provide the best quality services, performance and, uptime. With that, we aim to keep our services up for 99.99% of the time as we understand the importance of your service being online and ready to use. This service level agreement (“SLA”) applies to anyone who orders a service from us (“The Client”).
II. Outages
In the event of an outage, we will attempt to contact you via email explaining what happened and how long the outage may last. If we are unable to email during the outage, we will update our status page with updates on the outage. For current server status visit: or
III. Compensation
For every hour your service is down you will receive (1) Additional day on your bill (in credit form). If your service is down for longer than 12 hours without prior notice you will receive (2) weeks added onto your bill (in credit form) + 15% off your next bill.
IV. Network Latency
We aim to provide low latency on our network so if you experience latency on your service you must contact our support team with traceroute result from your connection to your service IP so that they can diagnose the issue. If we are found to be at fault for the latency, we can provide compensation to the client with the compensation amount based on how long the latency lasted and how bad the latency was.
V. (D)DoS Attacks
We provide 10Gb/s and above (D)DoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Protection on all our services. In the event of a (D)DoS Attack, our firewall will attempt to mitigate the attack but, in the event, that it is unsuccessful and if the attack is able to penetrate the protection, the service may be interrupted until a network administrator resolves the problem by putting in place manual filters. We cannot guarantee that your service will not lose connection in the event of a (D)DoS attack as there are many factors that go into blocking an attack such as knowing the attack type, strength and, source of the attack. If you believe that your service is being attacked, please contact support with a ping result and a traceroute.
VI. Maintenance
In the event of routine maintenance needing to be performed, we will notify you no less than (48) hours before the maintenance happens. But in the event of a hardware failure, you may not be given notice. If this happens, the node will go undergone emergency maintenance and you will receive an email with updates within (1) hour of the node going offline and it may contain a timeframe and what the issue is.
VII. Data Loss
We are not responsible for any data loss. The client is required to make frequent backups of their service as we do not provide automatic backups. If you would like to request a backup, please contact our support team.
VIII. Natural Disasters
We do not provide compensation for outages caused by weather, natural disasters, acts of god or anything out outside the control of us.
IX. Customer Support
We aim to provide a less than 8-hour response time on all support requests, this may change at any due to staff availability. Support requests are usually answered the fastest between 11 am and 11 pm EST (Our official business hours).
X. How to Contact Us
You can contact us about this service level agreement via the following methods below:

By Email: [email protected]
By Phone: (833) 946-7874 Press 3 and ask for Winstri Hosting’s legal department.
By Mail:

Winstri Hosting, Inc
ATTN: Legal Department
3201 Edwards Mill Road
Suite 141-562
Raleigh, NC 27612