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High-Quality Hosting at a Low Price

Quality Support

Let's start with our support. Upon opening a request you are greeted by one of our highly intelligent and friendly support agents who have been trained to help you with almost any problem. Our ticket replies are nearly instant during regular business hours and most of our support requests are solved in under 15 minutes.

Our passion is getting you the help you deserve and getting your problems solved quickly.

High-Quality Hosting

Next, let's talk about server quality. All of our products and client panels are extremely optimized and built for most use-cases so that you don't have to worry about dealing with a poor performing server.

We're committed to making sure that we can provide the best quality service on the market.


Premium (D)DoS Protection

Lastly, Let's talk about our (D)DoS protection. All of our services in Dallas are protected by 10 Gigabit per Second (Gb/s) / 10 Mega Packets per Second (Mpps) (D)DoS protection provided by Psychz that mitigates all common TCP attacks and most common UDP attacks and All of our services in London are protected by 100 Gigabit per Second (Gb/s) / 100 Mega Packets per Second (Mpps) (D)DoS protection provided by Zare that mitigates all common TCP attacks and most common UDP attacks.

We use some of the best providers on the planet such as Psychz that uses high-end NSFOCUS appliances and Zare which uses enterprise-grade Corero Smartwall appliances.

Included with Every Service

Expert Support

99% Uptime

Easy to Use Panels

Fast Response Times

Fast Setup

Support over Voice

Cancel anytime

Manage Anywhere

(D)DoS Protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit/debit cards and PayPal.
Do you offer refunds?
We have a 72 Hour refund policy.
How often is the Support Team available?
Currently, Our hours are 11am to 11pm EST.
Where can I get support?
We offer Phone, Live Chat, E-Mail, Ticket, TeamSpeak and Discord Support.

Note: Our Support Team does not join TeamSpeaks or Discords that are not officially owned by Winstri Hosting Staff. If you need to talk to a support agent use, one of the official links above.
Will your support team help me install content?
Unfortunately, our Support Team has a lot of clients to deal with and doesn't have much time to help Install, Edit or Create content. The best thing to do would be to reference the install instructions for that content.