Full of Features

Here are some features that you will get to enjoy

Quick App Installs

Quick Change PHP Version

Let's Encrypt Support

In-Depth Logs



Easy File Management

Node.js Support

Easy DNS Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Web Panel easy to use?
Yes, We worked hard to make our Web Panel panel as user-friendly as possible so that new Website owners can learn and navigate without issues.
Can I make FTP Accounts through the Panel?
Yes, Navigate to Websites & Domains then under your domain you will see "FTP Access" and there you can create additional FTP Accounts.
Does this panel have Subuser Support?
Yes, and you can add predefined roles for subusers as well.
Will support help me figure out how to use the Panel?
Yes, Open a ticket with a time that you are available and one of our support staff will be able to walk you through basic usage over TeamSpeak or Discord.