Full of Features

Here are some features that you will get to enjoy

Quick OS Install

Web SSH and VNC

Easy Password Change

In-Depth Logs

Real-time Monitoring

Start, Stop & Restart

API Access

Rescue Mode

SSH Key Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this VPS Panel easy to use?
Yes, We worked hard to make this panel as user-friendly as possible so that new VPS owners can learn and navigate without issues.
Can I request an OS to be added to the Quick Reinstall list?
Yes, Open a ticket with the OS Name and Download Link.
Does this panel have Live-time VNC?
Yes, That means even if the OS is not working you can still log in to VNC via the panel and manage your VPS.
Will support help me figure out how to use the Panel?
Yes, Open a ticket with a time that you are available and one of our support staff will be able to walk you through basic usage over TeamSpeak or Discord.