Why Choose Us?

High Quality Hosting at a Low Price

Experienced Support Team

Our Support Team is dedicated to helping you. We strive to provide the best quality support and we are trained to solve most problems we are faced with.

With Winstri Hosting you will feel confident that your server is the hands of some of the best support team members in the business.

(D)DoS Protection

With our Premium (D)DoS Protection you can stop worrying about losing clients or players to a (D)DoS attack.

We work with some of the best providers on the planet such as Psychz in our Dallas Location which uses in-house NSFOCUS appliances and in London we take of advantage of Corero Smartwall Appliances to provide your server with the protection it deserves.


Only the best Datacenters and Machines

At Winstri Hosting we spend hours upon hours choosing the right data center to fit not only our needs but yours too.

We use the newest generation I7's, E5's and E3's we can get our hands on along with the most robust data centers' in the business to keep you and your server online.


Here are just a few of the features we offer at Winstri Hosting

Fast Setup

We provide fast setups on all services so that you get your service when you need it.

99% Uptime

We provide a 99% uptime on all of our services to keep your servers online and ready for use.

Reliable Hardware

We use the latest generation E3s, E5s and I7s we can get our hands on when choosing quality parts for all our machines.

High-Speed Internet

We provide some of the highest speed internet you can get on a consumer VPS with speeds up to 1Gbps.

Optimized Panels

All of our Management Panels are chosen with speed and usability in mind so that you can manage all your services with ease.

Affordable Pricing

Our service prices are extremely affordable because we believe that a small budget shouldn't limit your performance.


Winstri Hosting has deployed hundreds of servers for happy customers and will continue to do so for as long as needed

Servers Deployed

Closed Tickets

Websites Hosted

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are designed with consumer and business budgets in mind and that's why we offer the best pricing for high-quality services that you will see.

Dedicated Servers

Baremetal Servers starting at 70$/m

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Domains starting at 2.95$/y

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Game Servers

Game Servers starting at 5$/m

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TeamSpeak Servers

TeamSpeak Servers starting at 25 cents/slot

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Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers starting at 7.99$/m

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting starting at 2.95$/m

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What Others Say

"The servers can be accessed, edited and worked on with effectively no delays in the slightest. Originally I was having an issue getting accessing a mysql database from another server. So I started a support chat with them, instantly got a chat going and we worked through the issue efficiently to figure out the solution we needed. (Firewall was doing it's job too well) If you choose this host you will likely have no problems at all with anything you want to do with it. If you do end up with any problem, the support chat can more than likely help sort it out."

Oliver Burgwin
via HostPicker

"I tried this out nearly a year ago with their standard $10.25 Plan it worked out amazingly I have used their Web Hosting as well so far I have honestly loved WinstriHosting the only bad things I have found is lack of locations but that is understandable I will still give a 5/5 Star Review due to the Great & Fast support amazing pricing and just because it is generally an amazing hosting company."

RockerOfWorlds Gaming
via HostPicker

"Direct line of communication to staff, problems resolved typically instantly. They are really communicative, never a black spot in customer support. The service its self is well worth the price, and they are getting better by the day. As long as Winstri Hosting is around, I will purchase their products."

Harry Mosley
via HostPicker

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept most major credit/debit cards and PayPal.
Do you offer refunds?
We have a 72 Hour refund policy.
How often is the Support Team available?
Currently, Our hours are 11am to 11pm EST.
Where can I get support?
We offer Phone, Live Chat, E-Mail, Ticket, TeamSpeak, and Discord Support.

Note: Our Support Team does not join TeamSpeaks or Discords that are not officially owned by Winstri Hosting Staff. If you need to talk to a support agent, use one of the official links above.
Will your support team help me install content?
Unfortunately, our Support Team has a lot of clients to deal with and doesn't have much time to help Install, Edit or Create content. The best thing to do would be to reference the install instructions for that content.


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